Australia Shoes
We have what we have in shoes and the range varies according to what we can get at the time so its best to come in on a regular basis to see what's there. We purchase from varied sources and always seek out shoes at the best prices we can resell them for.   We have many styles to choose from. If you have a shop and you're closing down or want to get rid of those over stocks give us a call as we may be interested in a bulk purchase. 100's of shoes with leather uppers from only $20.00 a pair as an example. Mens work boots, ladies work shoes and much more.
All these shoes only $20 a pair!
All these shoes only $20 a pair! But you'll need to be quick!
                                                  We can't hold stock for customers and its first in first served!
These only $10.00 a pair.
Crazy prices with many marked down from $50 or more. Kids and adult shoes so be quick! Lots of ladies practical work shoes too.
All these new kids sports runner shoes only $10 a pair.
We sell work boots too. Most priced at $39.95
Only $10.00 a pair.
Only $10 a pair!
All $20 a pair!
All $10 a pair!