Australia General Goods
We also design extensive original T-Shirt Designs as well and they can also be found on these videos.  We hope to bring some of our Johnny B range into our store soon.
We also produce under our Johnny B Label extensive textile collections of Australian Native designs all designed by Johnny B (John Boom) principle owner of Geelong Warehouse Traders. There are many more videos with thousands of original textile designs that can be seen on my Youtube page. HERE!
Our "Johnny B" Fashion Label.
The designs on these videos are all Johnny B Original designs.
We'll be using many of these for production use in our factory.
Our factory warehouse is bursting with great products for your business to resell or can be purchased direct to the public from our place of business Monday to Saturday 9am till 5 pm. Please read our selling terms under "wholesale" for those interested in buying in bulk for their business.
We produce Australian Pictorials -
And by request we can make you a pictorial disk of most towns within Australia. These are some very early disks we're selling out of at only $5 each. The new version disks will be on DVD and will cost $25.00 each of any of the town we've done in Australia.
We also produce Australian Photo Jigsaws on computer disk in many series of 50 jigsaws per disk. Selling at only $5.00 each.