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Clothing And Accessories
We hope to regularly stock a vast and varied stock of clothing and accessories from kids to adults clothing. Also bags, belts, hats, ties and all other manner of things needed to keep your wardrobe up to date.  You'll want to come in regularly to see what we get in as we never know what may come in many of the times. Some samples of what we have in stock at times below. We'll also be stocking a good range of outer-wear suited for our cooler climate as well as summer clothes. Below is just a very tiny sample of things to come. If you have a store and  you wish to reduce last years fashions, want to reduce overstocks, or you're closing down, give us a call as we may be interested in a bulk purchase. We stock work wear and corporate work wear being shirts, jumpers, jackets, skirts and much more for men and ladies. Our full quality new clothing starts at only $4 upward and our range is massive compared to nearly all other outlets. You'll find many individual style garments from the thousands of items we have in stock. And we have bags, shoes and some of the best individual jewellery you'll see anywhere in Australia or the world to complete your outfits.  

And being a factory clearance centre we can offer you some great discounted prices in clothing and shoes. We stock hundreds upon hundreds of individual looking clothing as well as off the rack clothing specials. We manufacture and remanufacture clothing onsite bringing you even better bargains. We also have a large range of stock returns and items that people can repair themselves at vastly reduced prices. So if you're handy at sewing these may suit you.
Don't forget we're not a franchise and if you bulk buy we can do a deal with you. Just ask for John the owner.
        Scroll down the page and refresh your page as we add new things regularly.
Our warehouse is bursting at the seams with very affordable low cost clothing.
Coats, tops, dresses, kids clothing and even high quality evening wear.
Ladies we have a great range of corporate work wear and the cost is only a fraction of elsewhere.
We can't guarantee how long the stock will last so get in quick and keep coming back for bargains.

Buy it while its cheap and keep your clothing requirements up to date for the future!
We are predominately manufacturers and re-manufacturers of clothing, and jewellery. We manufacture 6 days per week and produce our own original range of jewellery. We also extensively re-manufacture thousands of items brand new clothing and jewellery from other suppliers. That means we repair items that either never made it into the stores or were returned due to faults.

We fix these faults where possible and retail them back to you at vastly discounted prices. In the course of that work we also offer many factory seconds at even lower prices and these may be ideal for the home sewing enthusiasts. This is why our operation is best suited to factory warehouse sales.

In the course of our work and contact with our suppliers we also offer clearance items from them as well which is normal practise for the industries we operate under. This may mean clothing and shoes that they want to clear out through other means other than through retail stores. They're all brand new and they just want them gone so we offer them to you at clearance prices.

Clothing Returns

For those that like to sew and are handy with a sewing machine we give you the chance to buy clothing returns at massive savings. Here you can say buy a $40 dress for say $4 and it may only need a new $2 zipper for instance. You can buy zippers on Ebay at a very low cost and build up your wardrobe at only a fraction of the normal cost. Our  clothing returns usually start at around $2 per item upwards depending on the fault of each item so they do vary greatly. Some just need a small piece of seam sewn. Some may require a little hand sewing. Most zipper repair seconds average around $4 per item as a guide. We can even do some bulk discounts if you say buy 20 items or more.  Remember we're a factory direct supplier and we also wholesale large quantities of what we produce.
We now have a specials clothing bin with over a thousand items in it which we top up almost daily with new bargain that just need a repair. You can save heaps on this clothing if you can sew and repair them. We have a giant $4 bin and $2 bin set aside just for this filled with brand new clothing shop returns.  Many prices have been reduced even more!
A few clothing samples from the thousands of items we have in stock. Buy $100 worth of clothes and pick $20 worth of shoes from our range for free. Limited numbers of some designs may apply so come in quick to avoid disappointment. We'll be having crazy sale offers all the time so pop in and ask John what deal you can get from us.
These offers do not apply to our wholesale sales division.
We have hundreds upon hundreds of different clothing designs in stock so come and check out what we have and you'll be surprised. All different price ranges from a couple of dollars up.
Dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, pants, shorts, t-shirts, bathers and so much more. Plus sizes too!
Hundreds more to choose from.
We have hundreds of different tops for you to choose from. Many may be in limited supply so get in early while they last.
Prices vary from around $4.00 upward.
The above selection may not all be left in stock and are used as a guide to show some of what we had.
We have many, many more long dresses like these just reduced down to only $25 each!
Trendy Short Skirts
Its doesn't have to be hot for you to look hot!
We have a huge range of shorts too so come in and check them out.
Checkout these bargain bra's reduced from $24.99 now only $4.00 each.
These tops only $4.00 each!
They come in varied sizes and in white too!
Now only
$25 Each!
Now Only
$20 Each!
Nearly All Our Price Racks
Have Been Reduced!
We're New To Geelong
So Come And Take
Advantage Of Us And Grab A Bargain While Stocks Last!
Jeans - Cords - Track Pants Only $8 Each!
Check our specials area and racks for huge reductions in many brands.
Too many to show and we have hundreds in stock at present! These are all only $8 each!

* Jeans
* Cords
* Track Pants

Only While Stocks Last!
                                            Coats & Jackets

We have a vast range of coats and jackets to suit our Victorian varied climate for all times of the year.
Below are some samples of what we may have in at times. Prices vary on all men's and women's items as does the quantity and sizes.
We have new stock coming in at varying times throughout the year so it pays to pop in and check out what's come in.
For girls and boys fleecy lined pants Only $6 each!
Girls fleecy lined pants Only $6 each!
Varied type jackets at mixed prices.
Warm lined jackets $20 each!
Only $20 each!
Warm Coats Only $25 each.
Kids pants only $6 each.
These dresses only $4 each!
Skirts only $6 each!
Vintage Traditional Japanese Kimonos
& Kimono Jackets All $37.00 each.
For Ladies & Men
We have many racks of Kimonos to choose from in varied sizes and colours.
Many from only $4 each!
We have hundreds of different designs and colors in Kimonos.
As you can see by looking at the rack photos they're nearly all
different in colour.