Bulk Clearance Specials

At different times we advertise our bulk wholesale sale products on this page.
Or they can be viewed at our warehouse if interested.
Please refresh your page as we make changes from time to time.
We currently have a shipment of 435 Genuine Vintage Japanese Kimonos for sale at $3,500 the lot. For men and women. Normal retail from $37.00 each or more. They’re nearly all different. Racks and hangers are not included in this sale.
We also have around 71 pair of brand new platform shoes selling at $6.00 a pair and take the lot.  Ideal for a vintage sales store! $426.00 the lot. Will be counted at time of sale. You can see them in our warehouse.

Brand New Shoes - Most in Boxes

Around 1,200 pair & take the lot at $5.00 a pair. Will be counted at that time. 
We can also sell shoes in lots of 200 pairs in mixed styles for $1,000.00 (still $5.00 each.)
The smaller 200 lots will not include the work shoes & boots as they can be sold in a smaller separate lot as we don't stock as many of those.
11 Diamond Rings
From .99 Carat to 2.5 Carats.
It's best to view these in person as the photos don't do them justice.
All set in 14 Kt white or yellow gold.
Prices range from $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 each. ONO.
Any offers must be in person at our store! Further information also only supplied "in the store" as we've had some people try to scam us on these products!
Some of these rings have .3 carats of extra diamonds around them as well as the large central diamond.

Note: You will need to organize your own current insurance valuation on any of these rings! We don't do those here.
A huge variety of shoes is included in these clearance lots and some varieties haven't been shown.
MSA work shoes and boots can be sold in a smaller lot. Let me know if you want those and I'll give you a count and price on the lot. We don't stock as many of those.
Repair Clothing

All these are "ICE Brand" store and faulty return items and need some sort of repair done to them.
Many still have the retail tags on them. This is the only large lot of these we have so be quick.
Around 2,500 items. $1,000.00 for the whole lot. ONO.
All items have been packed in bags and boxes and can be viewed in our warehouse storage area.
Brand New Clothing Sold By The Rack

We're always clearing out stock well below wholesale rates so come in and see us.
We sell by the rack lot so if its a $4 each rack we wholesale the lot to you for $2 per item each.
$6 rack to you for $3.00 per item each!      $8 rack to you for $4.00 per item each!
$10 rack to you for $5.00 per item each!            $20 rack to you for $10 per item each and so forth!
But you must buy the whole rack worth each time!
Our warehouse is packed full of racks and not all may be open to those offers so you need to come in and see us please.
Racks and hangers are not included in sales.
Many bags are available too!
Most racks have a lot of variety.
Most racks have a lot of variety.
Most racks have a lot of variety.
Most racks have a lot of variety.
Racks like this you get all items for $2.00 each.
Bras you get for $2.00 each!
We also have wholesale lots of ladies bags, jewellery, canvas wall art and more that's also available in varied affordable wholesale lots so just pop in and see me and we can show you what we have and give you an idea of prices per lots.
Lots of great dresses that would suit boutique store sales.
                                Large Canvas Wall Art

We also wholesale large canvas wall art which must be purchased in lots of 20 at a time. They are AO in size or approx. 841mmx1189mm all on canvas. They come rolled up to you. There's over 200 to choose from.
6ct Loose Diamond
5 ct Loose Diamond.
1 Carat Green Diamond
This Lot