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Special Teaching For Special Needs
                                                            Concepts Written By John Boom 2015

With this book teachers can then develop unlimited programs using the concepts provided. This is the older version and I'm still leaving it available for those that want that more basic version. The new version above has more advanced teaching methods within it. I recommend using the new advanced book for schools and for teachers in particular.
Taking kids out of the two dimensional world and teaching them in the interactive three dimensional world. My Special Teaching For Special Needs” methods can be used by teachers, parents and carers alike for special needs kids and those that may have trouble learning by regular teaching methods. And also for some of those borderline kids that just pass through the school education system.
This could help thousands of kids around the world with learning issues. Test the methods yourself as sometimes it gets results in just minutes where regular teaching has received very little. It can make a massive difference for some kids that had trouble with understanding and speaking. It’s a huge breakthrough for many kids with learning issues.
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This book of mine can help thousands of kids with learning issues worldwide so please spread the word about it.  The printed versions are more for parents and carers wanting to aid their kids learning from home with some extra help. This book is not about making money it's about helping those that need it the most.
Special Teaching For Special       Needs Methods & Courses
Firstly the teaching methods I’ve designed aren’t activities. They’re actual different teaching methods so kids can be taught to understand and be made "ready to learn" where regular teaching methods may have failed. Especially designed for regular and special schools to help those with learning issues. Its actually so simple and yet its barely being used to teach kids.

My second edition of: Special Teaching For Special Needs with Methods & Courses. Is an expanded version from my first 2015 edition and this book provides actual everyday teaching programs for kids. These advanced teaching methods are right away from the regular curriculum teaching methods and helps to open the minds of those that have difficulty in understanding regular type teaching methods and helps to make them ready to learn. For some kids that have say global learning issues this may help them break down the learning barriers that stop them from understanding. With some kids results can be almost instant and with others it may take time. It's a different approach to learning and teaches kids to retain and understand what's being taught. 

The book isn’t just aimed at disabled learners it's also for all those kids in the education system that basically pass through the system that have learning issues. These are the kids that may not qualify for aid or that are borderline. My book is a huge breakthrough in teaching methods and every school should seriously think about adopting modules of this type of teaching to at least help a percentage of those kids that may have regular and slow learning issues. It can help change the lives of these kids and can even be used for adults with like learning issues.   

Special teaching for special needs has methods and courses for teaching those with reading and understanding issues. Taking kids out of the two dimensional world and teaching them in the interactive three dimensional world. Suitable for all ages and for those that has trouble learning through regular teaching methods.

This is a common sense approach of teaching those that are passing through the education system that can't grasp regular teaching methods. This helps and makes kids "ready to learn" by a different way of teaching and getting results where many others may have failed. The methods can also be used for home schooling. We recommend all schools use modules of this type of teaching with their regular programs.

These teaching methods can be used in regular and special needs schools and can help many kids with learning and understanding issues. It helps kids learn and retain information. Many kids will finally understand what they're being taught by using these interactive 3D teaching methods. It may not help everyone but it will help many that have learning issues.This new edition is available now!
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        Satellite Cities And Towns Paper
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The concepts can be used in Australia and also adapted for other country use.
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Updated on the: 04-01-2018. Please always check this date as I do update my work regularly.
Event Management Blueprint
Copyright John Boom 2015

The Following Event Management Blueprint Can Be Downloaded And Used Subject To The Conditions Set Within The Report.
The report can be used by towns and event managers to manage their events to a more profitable standard than they currently are.
The report is 60 pages in length and is in PDF format. Size around 586 KB.
This report can be used by any event organizers and towns worldwide subject to the conditions set out in the report.
Check back every so often as I'm updating sections all the time. You can check this by the page length changes.
Just hover your mouse near the top of the report to see the download options.
Retail Dynamics

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Retail Dynamics is a major training manual for all types of business operators with some 245 pages designed to
increase and drive sales into your business application. Like everything in life business has its own structure in the
way it operates. Without business society would fall to pieces. Business is all around us and we all no doubt take it
for granted that it just exists. Most things that surround us have some form of composite structure. In people its
DNA. In minerals it’s a crystalline structure. And like a molecule everything fits together to form a final structure. In
the retail industry it’s also a basic formula. Retail Dynamics is a compilation of over 40 years trading experience into
a workable solution for retail business managers and for people just starting out in business. Don't go into business
without this information and always remember all forms of business have risk. We provide the raw material in ideas
and concepts and its up to you to decide if it suits your application or not.

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John Boom (Standard Copyright License)
Second Edition
John Boom
July 26, 2014
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
1.57 lbs.
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8.26 wide x 11.69 tall

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