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We hope to bring Geelong something a little different than the regular shopping experience. We manufacture a large selection of our own stock, import, buy in and distributes sales direct to the public to bring you a great variety to choose from. Stock can vary greater depending on what we can make or obtain at the time so it pays to pop in if you're in the area. We intend to offer specials when we can to entice you back.

Our jewellery range is massive and we make a lot of this onsite producing stock that's different and individual as many have never seen before. It's such a big range we've had to place that on a separate website as you'll see in the index sales pages at the home page of this site. A lot of the jewellery we make could be passed down through families as heirlooms as many are very special pieces but still kept at very affordable prices. You can easily find us at 370 Thompson Road - North Geelong so pop out and check out what we have in our ever changing range.   

Geelong Warehouse Traders is a combination of business trades which mainly relate to the retail sector. We produce, manufacture, re-manufacture, assemble and repair many varied products like quality jewellery, fashion jewellery, clothing, graphic arts, and provide photos for the media and trade industry. It is certainly a very varied mix and parts of this we retail and wholesale at various times to suit the market requirements. Businesses interested in the work we do that may relate to their business can contact us for further information about what we offer and produce.

We also buy related industry products that we may re-manufacturer for resale so if your company is related to ours let us know what you have to offer.

What We Produce And Manufacture


* Manufacture, produce and re-manufacture around 90% of our Jewellery.
* We manufacture our own range of Johnny B Retro Bags. Using our own Johnny B clothing label.
* Re-manufacture around 60% of our clothing and belts.
* Manufacture and produce around 95% of our own graphics, photos and wall posters.
* Manufacture and produce 100% of our own designed jigsaw puzzles.
* Manufacture and produce 100% of our Australian Pictorials both online and in disk form.
* We produce around 95% of our own photos for resale and for use in commercial media production.
* We design 100% of own textile graphics that we sell for commercial production use.
* Produce, Write, & Compose around 95% of our own music, books and video productions being over 2,000 to date.
* We also buy in factory seconds and clearance items to compliment our other items for retail and trade applications.
* Many of our production items produced are from our own original copyright material.

We are a manufacturing factory and clearance centre. Our "industry" caters for the retail marketplace.  We also produce specialty items as you see above that are made for specific industries. Like for textile and mixed media production. Many of our items have been used all around the world. Around one third of our building is devoted to manufacturing while the rest is used for storage, display and sales both to retail and wholesale.  Our factory warehouse has our stock that we produce on display for those to buy at wholesale rates. We also offer stock returns at vastly reduced costs.  We always sell at trade prices direct. And we sell wholesale to those in the various concerned trades.
About The Owner
John Boom also known as Johnny B The Singer & Songwriter

Ideas Man
Video Maker
Script Writer
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Business Manager
Singer & Songwriter
Investigative Reporter & Investigator.
Jewellery Maker & Designer
2D & 3D - Graphic Designer
International Business Consultant
And anything else that needs to get done.
Some Of My Websites - Geelong Warehouse Traders is my current business while in retirement at the same time. - Showing the best Coffs Harbour has to offer to the world. - Showing Coffs Harbour with local news and reporting. - Australia's largest town photo archive of individual towns with over 14 years in the making. - Worldwide website business directory established in the year 2000. - My official music website. - Worldwide auctions with low success fees. - Free online advertising. - My stock photography site. - Everything to do with the gemstone and lapidary hobby.
Also making free websites for gem clubs Australia wide.

Some of my forums and social webpages that I run.

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Author And Producer Of:

Special Teaching For Special Needs - A training manual devised to teach educators so they can teach kids with learning issues differently so they can finally understand what they're being taught. Used by schools and carers alike.
Retail Dynamics - A self training manual for business managers in the retail industry. Currently in print.
A Guide To Using Finance Brokers - For use by Business Managers.
Jewellery Making For Beginners - To train people how to make jewellery.
Author Of Over 2,000 Poems and Songs.
Many Other Topical Books -
Several short stories, plays and screenplays.
Producer Of Australian Pictorials promoting Australian towns to Australia and the world.
Producer of Aussie Photo - Many of my photos appear all around the world even used for rock stars.
Producer of over 2,000 Youtube Videos and I'm a Youtube partner.
Producer of At Coffs promoting Coffs Harbour to Australia and the world.
50 years of Extensive Experience In Business, Management & Training.
Website designing and owner of Search The World search engine and business directory.
Private Investigator - Extensive Experience in Investigation work. (Retired now not taking on any more cases.)
Extensive experience in numerous other areas, building and construction from the ground up, design, manufacturing etc.
Inventor and designer, accommodation businesses, baker, cheesemaker, restaurants, electronics, antiques, museums, general stores, newsagent, service station owner, trucking, electronics store manager, art gallery, etc.
Singer, songwriter, & composer -   With over 400 produced original songs many used around the world now.

I was a special accommodation provider for the less fortunate for many years.
I have submitted many submissions to various levels of government for change to various policies.
One of my recent successes has been that Melbourne has adopted a new homeless housing policy of mine one can only hope other states and towns do the same -
I produce and host free websites for many Lapidary Clubs around Australia.
More qualifications in business management, Investigations, dairy product testing etc...

Most of the community work I do these days is free of charge promoting and assisting different levels of the community in all manner of ways. I choose to use the Internet as a tool to accomplish much of this work but there's also a lot of physical work also involved behind the scenes to produce these different levels of assistance. For instance producing Australian Pictorials requires me to travel extensively at my own costs to film town by town on foot street by street. Often wearing out a pair of shoes on each trip and already having extensively filmed some 1,000 Australian Towns CBD's to help promote them.

Sorry I no longer do the free unsolved murder cases as its too expensive and time consuming for me to do those now. ( I never charged to do those cases like that in the past.). I'm getting older now so I have to slow down too.

I no longer perform and do live free or paid shows (I'm Johnny B) as I've retired now and only do the Internet work I choose to do.
Fans can still hear many of my new songs and all my music and see my videos I produce on my Youtube. I have a large following on there as well as on many other websites. I rarely do Radio interviews anymore unless its of special interest to me concerning public issues.

Please Checkout my websites.

Yes I'm a very busy person even though I'm retired I now can do all the things I want with my time. Most of my work is community based in one way or another. These days I run our Geelong Warehouse Traders Business at 370 Thompson Road, in North Geelong. And we take full time care of our disabled granddaughter whom attends school here in Geelong.
Make A Difference, Speak Up, And Do Things For Others!
My revised copy of Retail Dynamics sells through Amazon. It's a training manual that can increase your business trade and make you a great deal more income and perhaps save your business where so many others have failed. There's over 50 years of experience in this book. This business training manual could save your business and make you a great deal back.
Satelite Cities & Towns Paper -
Homelessness stories and ways to help -
My most recent book is: Special Teaching For Special Needs -
Designed to help thousands of kids worldwide. Free PDF copies to any school that wants it.
These books can be purchased at our current business Geelong Warehouse Traders Business at 370 Thompson Road, in North Geelong.