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                           Welcome To Geelong Warehouse Traders

We hope to bring Geelong something a little different than the regular shopping experience. We manufacture a large selection of our own stock, import, buy in and distributes sales direct to the public to bring you a great variety to choose from. Stock can vary greater depending on what we can make or obtain at the time so it pays to pop in if you're in the area. We intend to offer specials when we can to entice you back.

Our jewellery range is massive and we make a lot of this onsite producing stock that's different and individual as many have never seen before. It's such a big range we've had to place that on a separate website as you'll see in the index sales pages at the home page of this site. A lot of the jewellery we make could be passed down through families as heirlooms as many are very special pieces but still kept at very affordable prices. You can easily find us at 370 Thompson Road - North Geelong so pop out and check out what we have in our ever changing range.   

Geelong Warehouse Traders is a combination of business trades which mainly relate to the retail sector. We produce, manufacture, re-manufacture, assemble and repair many varied products like quality jewellery, fashion jewellery, clothing, graphic arts, and provide photos for the media and trade industry. It is certainly a very varied mix and parts of this we retail and wholesale at various times to suit the market requirements. Businesses interested in the work we do that may relate to their business can contact us for further information about what we offer and produce.

We also buy related industry products that we may re-manufacturer for resale so if your company is related to ours let us know what you have to offer.

What We Produce And Manufacture


* Manufacture, produce and re-manufacture around 90% of our Jewellery.
* Re-manufacture around 60% of our clothing and belts.
* Manufacture and produce around 95% of our own graphics, photos and wall posters.
* Manufacture and produce 100% of our own designed jigsaw puzzles.
* Manufacture and produce 100% of our Australian Pictorials both online and in disk form.
* We produce around 95% of our own photos for resale and for use in commercial media production.
* We design 100% of own textile graphics that we sell for commercial production use.
* Produce, Write, & Compose around 95% of our own music, books and video productions being over 2,000 to date.
* We also buy in factory seconds and clearance items to compliment our other items for retail and trade applications.
* Many of our production items produced are from our own original copyright material.

We are a manufacturing factory and clearance centre. Our "industry" caters for the retail marketplace.  We also produce specialty items as you see above that are made for specific industries. Like for textile and mixed media production. Many of our items have been used all around the world. Around one third of our building is devoted to manufacturing while the rest is used for storage, display and sales both to retail and wholesale.  Our factory warehouse has our stock that we produce on display for those to buy at wholesale rates. We also offer stock returns at vastly reduced costs.  We always sell at trade prices direct. And we sell wholesale to those in the various concerned trades.