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Manager: John Boom ( Johnny B ). 
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Yes we have eftpos too.
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Wholesale Direct To The Public!
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Click on Jewellery in the "Sales Page Index" to see more of our range. Checkout the wall art, gemstones, shoes, clothing and our many other items along the product page index. You'll soon see we're very different and a special and interesting  place to visit.

Even the owner is a secret Australian national treasure also known as Johnny B a singer and songwriter. Well known for some of his original songs some being used in TV commercials as far away as Norway. He has his own little recording studio hidden away in the warehouse where he produces some of his songs and music. Johnny also produced Australian Pictorials - www.australianpictorials.com which is Australia's largest online photo database of towns in Australia. Johnny has written books, papers, hundreds of original songs, poetry, jigsaws, produces the original canvas wall art and the jewellery. He never seems to stop. He also runs around 35 websites and groups. He's about to release his range of ladies bags next also made in the warehouse under his own Johnny B clothing label. So you can see it's a very different place.
                          About What We Do

As a small family run business we sell "Direct To The Public" at regular low prices. Most of our prices are marked at wholesale or less. We also wholesale to other stores. We manufacture and we're a factory clearance warehouse selling direct to the public. We don't usually have sales as our products are marked well down below most regular sale prices all the time. Many of our prices are lower than the cost of the materials as they're priced to clear out. And we're predominately manufacturers and re-manufacturers of clothing, jewellery and canvas wall art. We manufacture 6 days per week and produce our own original range of jewellery, canvas wall art, and ladies bags.
We also extensively re-manufacture thousands of items in brand new clothing and jewellery from other suppliers.  We've been manufacturing jewellery for over 50 years at varied locations around Australia. Our fashion label is: Johnny B.

We also offer clearance items from various suppliers as well. This may mean clothing and shoes that they want to clear out through other means other than through retail stores. We are a direct to the public factory clearance warehouse. But more than that we also sell antiques and collectables and many other interesting things.

We also produce and manufacture our own range of graphic wall art which is also a part of our range. We offer these mainly in AO size: 841mm x 1189mm sized canvas format where people can make their own or buy frames to mount on their walls. So as you can see we're always busy manufacturing and producing many varied items. We have many showcases packed full with our own manufactured jewellery. We also import, assemble and buy in varied products.
* We also sell direct to stores and most our products are marked at wholesale prices or less prices. *
We have our own "Jewellery Generation" jewellery factory onsite and have a most comprehensive range of original jewellery. We try and produce items you may not find anywhere else. We wholesale most of our warehouse products and sell direct to the public. You can buy some of our selected jewellery online at this link: CLICK HERE!
We sell all this stuff and so much more!
New Shoes, New Clothing, Antiques, Collectables, & New Jewellery
We Wholesale Direct To The Public!
Check the product page index for more product details.
We import, produce and manufacture quality jewellery onsite using varied materials to bring you something different that can even be passed down from family to family. Our unique materials and designs may include items like real gemstones, amber, sterling silver, handmade and crafted beads and many other items combined to bring you something very special you rarely see anywhere these days. "Having produced jewellery for some 54 years, taught others and produced books I feel I have a pretty good idea now in producing popular items for people to wear and appreciate".

Most of our jewellery contains at least some sterling silver components and we try and produce and sell high quality but for very affordable prices. Just come in and see for yourself. We also sell lower cost fashion jewellery much of which we assemble ourselves to produce a huge variety of product to satisfy the broader marketplace. Our jewellery will no doubt get the attention of your friends too as like our wall art most of our designs are of our own making. People tend to hoard up cheap imitation jewellery and most rarely ends up being worn in the end whereas if you have some quality jewellery like we make here onsite you tend to appreciate having your own special pieces to show off to others. Come in and see for yourself. Click on the sale page index above to be taken to our jewellery website as its too big to include on this site as well. We have something for everyone even for little kids with rings from just fifty cents each.
We manufacture unique pieces of jewellery you can wear with pride and even pass down through your family.
Selling Gemstones & Minerals For Collectors
I have filmed extensively and produce all our own special graphic effect canvas art works onsite direct to the public and business for use in their homes and places of business. Most of our works will be AO size which makes an excellent wall presentation size to fill up those blank looking wall areas. We also wholesale these. They're designed with color in mind to give you a stunning effect to change the whole look of a room. Many are totally designed from our own concepts and they're totally original and not like mass produced imported replicas. They may be offered as regular prints or as canvas prints. Ideal for business display and resale use too.
Our Warehouse Is Bursting At The    Seams So Come And Check Us Out!
Ladies I'm sure many of you know that presentation can be  a huge part of employment and at Geelong Warehouse Traders we know that because we've been in varied businesses for decades. So we can also supply you with fantastic original jewellery from earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces many of which we make right here in Geelong onsite. You no longer need to wear that mass produced off the shelf clothing, jewellery and accessories as we stock a great range of different stuff I'm sure will please you. Forget the cloned look and come and see us for something different. Look extra special in your workplace. Check our product page index and the videos as a guide to some of the things we sell.
This is our clothing label. If it doesn't have one of our "Johnny B" labels it won't be an original product of ours.
Here we used a Ken Done material design which is the bag lining  reversed as you see here. This way you can have any pockets on the inside if you want.
We'll also offer bags with no embroidered designs so users can add their own iron on designs.
We're currently in production manufacturing ladies bags like this from brand new jeans and other denim products. It's a retro look and we hope people will like them. Geelong Warehouse Traders are unique Australian Manufacturers so we hope we can get continued public support. We reward our customers with wholesale and lower prices everyday!
We'll have a massive range of embroidered designs on most bags.
This is our own clothing label and the brand we use on our art works & jewellery etc.
Wanted To Buy

Gemstone Slabs, Gemstones, Mineral Specimens, Crystals, Fossils etc
Just bring what you wish to sell and state your prices or email me some photos with prices thanks. Must be good quality for resale. admin@search-the-world.com
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